Legacy Home Lexington
A project of Lexington Cooperative Ministry, Inc.
938 Delaware Ave.
Lexington, KY 40505
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People may ask, “How do five women get along in the same kitchen?”  Our response is “Because they want to get along!”  Residents live cooperatively, that is, they willingly share space and resources to minimize the expenses of growing older and to live in a supportive community with other like-minded women.  Residents must be able to direct their own care because services such as transportation, meal preparation, and housekeeping are not provided.

As in most families and community living situations, there are guidelines that keep people safe and set the ground rules for mutual respect within the household.  The Guidelines for Community Living discuss basic ground rules for living together.  These rules address smoking, weapons, decision making, safety, privacy, noise, household duties, etc.  However, the residents themselves determine whether they want to cook and eat together, activities in the house, and division of household chores.  If necessary, a facilitator will help residents make decisions when agreement cannot easily be reached.

The Legacy Home offers both private and communal space so that residents can choose to be alone or with others.  Residents have private individual bedrooms. Each bedroom is wired for cable TV and has a personal lock on the door.  The kitchen is huge and easily accommodates five women so that each may have personal cupboard space while sharing communal space for dishes and appliances etc.  There are three bathrooms with adequate space for two women to share.  The sunroom, which walks out to a sunny deck, is a lovely bright area with an a additional large closet for each resident.  The home also includes a library/den.

The Home is a quiet, nurturing, safe, and cheerful place to live.  We are happy to take you on a tour and have conversation with current residents.
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